Expanding my weaving options

I got 2 new heddles for my loom on Saturday, a fine 12.5dpi and a wide 5dpi, unfortunately Ashford had run out of the 10dpi at the show so I couldn’t get the complete set.  I also got a couple of extra shuttle sticks so I can work with multiple colours in the weft.

I have a few things in mind that have been waiting for these extra bits:

  1.  A light summer scarf, I have some blue 2ply cotton/silk from Mayhem & Chaos that I will use for this.
  2. A pure silk wrap. As the pure silk I have is all 1ply or 2ply a fine heddle is required.
  3.  Some geometric designs using multiple colours; lots of triangles and stripes that I couldn’t try without getting more shuttles.
  4.  A loosely woven, drapy wool shawl using 8 ply.  This will require the 5dpi heddle.

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