The Ravellenic Games are almost here

This is the first time I taking part in the Ravelympics (recently renamed to appease the USOC), for those who are unaware of this challenge the idea is to start your project(s) at the time of the opening ceremony for the London Olympic Games and have them finished by midnight GMT after the flame is extinguished.  The projects should be something that is a personal challenge for you and all levels of experience are encouraged to participate in the true spirit of the games.

My first project will be a summer shawl in a cotton silk blend.  This will be the first:

  • weaving with a 12.5dpi heddle
  • warping with an inelastic fibre
  • weaving with a lace weight yarn
  • attempt to make this type of loose woven scarf.

It will involve a lot more warping and weaving than what I have been doing but I still hope to complete the weaving during the opening ceremony which starts at 6am Saturday morning here.

After that I intend to make a raspberry beret for me. I was originally going to make a plain one however I think I will make it more of a challenge and add a lace design to the top.  This will match my raspberry toast wrist warmers that I made recently.

I have a second weaving project planned for the second weekend which will be a geometric design in blue red and green. I’m still working on the design, so details will be coming later.

My second knitting project is a cabled cowl, knitted with one ball of wool.  This will be knitted in the same yarn as my recent mitts.

So there is my current 17 day challenge.  A lot for me to complete in a short time as I never finish anything knitted in less than a month!



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