A plan

I just looked at my stash, I found these 2 skeins that coordinate well. I’m going to weave a silk wrap, the warp will be the pure silk as it appears to be a stronger thread with no halo, with the softer, fluffier alpaca/silk for the weft.

This should end up being a 40-45cm width wrap as I have 1000m of silk and 800m of alpaca/silk.  I used one skein of lace weight for my woven scarf for the ravellenic games and I got a good size for that so this should be a nice big wrap with twice the amount of yarn.

The take up in the cotton/silk was only 4%, hopefully this will be about the same or less with a pure silk warp.

Now to hand wind 1800m of lace weight…

One thought on “A plan

  1. Your weaving is just becoming more and more phenomenal. I can’t wait to see this as a finished wrap. It’s going to be gorgeous!

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