A learning experience

Well the plan for a silk wrap didn’t quite go to plan.  Pure silk warps are slippery and I found the threads slipped a fair bit and became loose whenever I touched them with the shuttle.  I unwound and rewound both ends a couple of times in attempts to get it back to even but that was far from successful.

There is a weaving philosophy called saori that started in Japan.  This philosophy is about creative weaving, embracing what you have produced flaws and and all;  It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.  I’ve liked this idea since before I started weaving, I’m not a machine and therefore I’m not going to produce an identical tension for hours on end.  The unevenness is part of the fabric.  Well this wrap is more uneven than I hoped for but it did give an interesting effect.image

The shops are currently full of loosely, unevenly woven scarves and this one fits right in.  So although this was not the original intention I’ve kept the loose warp spots and tried to re-tension the warp periodically so that they end up spread around the fabric.
The wrap is very soft and drapy, being a reasonably open weave. Overall it is what I wanted, a casual summer wrap that I can scrunch up as a scarf or use to cover my shoulders on cool days.

I still have half a skein of the Mayhem and Chaos Alpaca/silk blend so I could have another go using the Drink Drank Drunk (purple) silk I got from Bendigo for the warp or I could knit with this luxurious soft lace weight, decisions decisions…


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