Its been a while…

I haven’t written a post since October so here is a bit of an update. First up I got out my bamboo shawl that has been on the needles for 2 years now. I managed a fair bit of it during a week of train travel a few weeks ago.


Also on the needles is a Dairing tunic. I’ve finished the first piece and blocked it and I’m now onto the second piece.


On the weaving front I made a scarf for a friend for her birthday. She loved it and was thrilled to get a hand made gift.


I also made a woven bag. I used a clasped warp method to add the yellow on one side. I’m now knitting a cabled strap to go on it.



My latest project is another summer wrap. I have been wearing cotton and linen scarves on hot days and they have been really good so more variety is needed. This one is black.


One thought on “Its been a while…

  1. Quite a collection of work! The bamboo shawl is stunning.

    It’s becoming winter here, so last week I pulled out the socks I’ve knit since last winter, to get them “into rotation.” I was surprised that there are six new pair, not counting the ones on the needles! May be time to broaden my knitting horizons 🙂

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