2012: A year of weaving

My loom arrived in the last days of 2011, so 2012 was a year of weaving.  I made:

3 bags

scarves for each of my kids

4 scarves for Eno.

2 scarves for friends

Lots of scarves and wraps for me including:-

  • silk
  • linen
  • cotton
  • wool
  • mohair
  • alpaca
  • multicoloured
  • textured
  • striped
  • log cabin
  • plain
  • long and thin
  • wide and open
  • heavy winter wraps
  • light summer stoles

The first one was loose, with uneven edges and far from wearable.  The latest ones I have had people tell me they look like I bought them, they are a lot more even now that I have worked out how to get an even tension.

Things I have learnt:-

  1. Silk can be difficult as it is very slippery so the tension on the warp becomes uneven.
  2. Slubby and boucle yarns hide unevenness fairly well.
  3. When mixing yarns in the warp make sure they have the same amount of stretch.
  4. Completely different looks can be achieved with the same yarns by changing the heddle size.
  5. Sock wool makes a great warp.
  6. Self striping wools blend nicely in weaving and look completely different to when they are knitted.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So what is coming up for next year?

I now have a second hand 4 harness table loom to learn to use so I can try more complicated weaving.

I want to continue to play with colour and texture and see what I can come up with on both the Rigid Heddle and the table loom.


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