The Safety scarf

I was given a skein of cobweb weight silk in orange.  This skein is BRIGHT, it is not quite the same colour as thehigh-vis vest that I have at work, but it is close.  The first use I’ve put it to is a woven scarf.

Winding the skein into a ball took a couple of days as I did it by hand.  I ended up with a ball that was bigger than a grapefruit!

I made the warp 2.7m long so that I would end up with a nice long scarf, on the loom the width measures 42cm.

The weaving is fairly open as this is to be another summer scarf.  (I like having a variety of colours, lengths and weights to wear).

This silk is stickier than the one I used previously so the warp isn’t as slippery however I’m still getting loose threads every so often due to the inelastic nature of the silk so it will be another rustic hand weave.

After washing it ended up being 2.4m long and 40cm wide so minimal shrinkage with this one.  It weighs 75g so beautifully light for summer.  I love the result.

Now what to do with the other 60g…


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