Progress in January

In the last 3 weeks I’ve started 3 projects and continued working on another one.  All of these projects are for summer, I hope to finish 2 in the next week and continue with the others 2 through February.


This is a woven scarf.  The warp is primarily black  Dairing CL2, a cotton linen blend.  The weft is primarily a dark green  slubby linen from The Threadroom, formerly Marta’s.  The design is random stripes of bright orange silk in both the warp and weft hence the name.

Not just another scarf

This is a knitted scarf made with a strand of lace weight Mayhem & Chaos alpaca/silk and a strand of Dairing D-82, silk/stainless steel.  I’m using a Fibonacci sequence to determine the distance between the stripes where I drop the alpaca/silk and knit the silk/stainless steel on it’s own.

The Silk/Stainless steel adds structure to the very soft alpaca/silk so that it is scrunchable and a lot firmer than you would expect for such fine yarns on 4mm needles.

V neck tunic

The tunic I started on New Years Day is still going well, I’m up to the waist.  Hopefully it will be finished in time for Autumn.  As it is being knitted at a looser than recommended tension it looks like it will need blocking to even out the stitches.

Speaking of blocking, I blocked the first half of Spicy Spring before starting the second piece.  These 2 photos show the difference with open garter stitch in linen that blocking can make.  The fabric is softer, more even and very drapy.

I’ve only got about 40 rows to go on this top, then I can block the 2nd piece and sew it together.  It should be ready just in time for the really hot weather in a couple of weeks.

I can’t wait to see how it works once  it is sewn together as it is just 2 rectangles that are stitched together to make a top.



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