A couple of minor changes

I’ve just updated the side bar on the left with 2 new widgets. The first is selected instagram photos, this will generally be what I am currently working on as it is quick photos taken with my phone or tablet camera. Occasionally there will be an older project pop up if I have photographed it for the photo-a-day on the Instagram site. BTW the ‘more photos’ is part of the feed and I can’t remove it. It takes you to a page to tell you where to download the app. There is no full instagram site through a browser; only through the mobile apps for ios and android.

Below the photos are links to the most recent finished projects on Ravelry, just click the name to be taken to the Ravelry page to see the details of the project. you will need to log in to see most of the projects.

The third change is the banner across the top of the website. When you click on some of the posts the banner will change from the standard one to something specific to that post. eg. 2012 a year of weaving has a banner of woven scarves, Black & White has the white lace shawl.  As the iphone 5 has a panorama option, making banners is now simple.

Update:  After feedback from users on firefox and ipads the instagram photo has moved to the bottom and the book review has moved to the side.  This was necessary because the only browser that reduces the photos to fit the space is Chrome, the rest just overlay the photo on the main blog article.

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