A linen tunic for summer

Back in July I got a kit for Spring by Dairing from EGMTK at Bendigo.  I’ve finally finished it!  Just in time for the hottest month of the year.  I made it shorter than the pattern as I am short and I’m not likely to wear it with tights as shown in the pattern.

On the needles this looked tiny, I had no idea how it was going to go around me.  Blocking however did its job opening it up and softening the fibre.

Once blocked it was sewn, this was the interesting bit, sewing a couple of seams changed it from 2 rectangles to an interesting top.  Once sewn I found it needed to be washed again and hung to dry to improve the shape.

I really like the final product, it is going to great for hot days worn with trousers or a straight skirt.


2 thoughts on “A linen tunic for summer

  1. Hello! I’ve just been searching for patterns for pure silk yarn…..in searching I came across your discussion last year with someone on Ravelry re this top you knit….at some point you mentioned that your children bought you a book of silk patterns…could I ask what this book was? I treated myself to some Posh Yarn in pure silk and am searching for a suitable pattern…..I want to knit and I don’t want lacy – I am an experienced knitter but hey ho I am totally and utterly not in love with yarn overs LOL!! I have 500 grams – think that should be enough for a short sleeved cardi or a top…has to have sleeves to cover upper arm…have already been through a search on Ravelry and have had some good suggestions but haven’t stopped looking yet. Would be grateful for any help you hve the time to give me especially this silk patter book.
    Gratefully, Joyce in Northern Ireland.

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