Geometry – my first saori style weaving

A couple of weeks ago I warped my loom with black cotton/linen blend.  My initial plan was for a black and orange scarf but I hadn’t thought too much about the design.  It turned out that I only had enough black for the warp so I decided to use dark green on the weft with the bright orange.

I decided to do the whole thing without any measurements or counting, just add some orange when it looked right.

007 (2)
The result is a scarf that is dark green with an orange geometric design. The striping is totally random in both thickness and length, some go right across others are just to the first vertical stripe I came to.  When I ran out of inspiration I cut it off it the loom.  It ended up approximately 160cm long so my instincts were good.

I used the 7.5dpi heddle and doubled the warp. This has produced another loose drapy scarf for the warmer weather.



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