1 lace weight skein – 3 different scarves

I like combining colours and textures to get different looks.  I had a skein of lace weight alpaca/silk in a pale lavender which wasn’t quite my colour, so I mixed it with other yarns to produce the following:

1. A silk and alpaca wide woven scarf for summer.  This one combines bright pinks and purples with the pale lavender to give a fairly bright summer wrap.

2. This one is soft, fluffy, thick and warm for winter, the lavender is combined with thick undyed  mohair and bilberry kid silk haze to give a pale mottled look.

3. This is my latest.  It is combined with a dark purple stainless steel/silk to give an interesting texture with a mottled purple look to it.

I used a Fibonacci sequence for the stripes which were formed by dropping the alpaca silk for 2 rows.  As the silk/stainless steel is so fine it is almost like breaks in the scarf.  I think this will be really effective when worn with dark jumpers and jackets.


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