Knitting Apps for Android – Knitting Pattern Database

Knitting Pattern Database

A database of PDF knitting patterns stored on your device.

How does it work?

You store your patterns in a specific folder on your tablet or phone.  Note this is designed for individual patterns, no PDF books.

  1. Open the app and choose ‘import patterns’ or ‘download patterns’
  2.  add details for categorisation.
  3. Click counter on the pattern that you want to use.  The text of the pattern appears with a counter and an option to keep the device awake while you are using it.  The pattern can also be marked as in use at this point.

The app comes preloaded with:

  • needle sizes (UK/US/metric)
  • yarn thicknesses
  • project categories
  • clothing sizes (imperial/metric)
  • common abbreviations
  • yarn to needle size guide

Once imported you can select gender, age, product category, needles etc so that you can filter for a pattern type you want to make.

There is also a needle inventory and needles and patterns can be marked as in use.

You can add your stash with fields available for ball weight, quantity, brand, yarn name, yarn thickness, colour, shade, dye lot,  fibre, recommended needles and where you stored it.  All these fields allow adding your own options. Some  US and UK brands come preloaded.

Another feature is calculators.  If you want to convert between metric/imperial, calculate the increases required in a sleeve, space your buttons evenly, or calculate socks based on shoe size, you can.

What I liked about it

  • easy to import and categorise patterns
  • a pattern photo shows in the detailed view.
  • categories are editable so you can change it to what you use and delete what you don’t use.  You are not stuck with a system designed and used in one particular country.
  • the needle inventory has an interchangeable category.
  • needle sizes are complete and in UK/US/metric making conversions easy.
  • If you have an odd size you can add it.
  • garment sizing is imperial and metric
  • the app reads the pattern and auto fills any fields it can.
  • you can choose the font and background colours and increase font size for the pattern.
  • There are highlight lines to keep track of where you are however the horizontal line is in the middle of the page therefore it can’t highlight the very start or finish of a pattern.
  • 4 counters per project
  • In use patterns are highlighted.
  • The increase/decrease calculator takes the maths out of knitting sleeves.

What I didn’t like about it

  • There is no nickel plate option in the needle types and that list is not editable.
  • The photograph backgrounds make it difficult to use.  The bright photo doesn’t recede into the background.  It makes the menu very difficult to use.
  • The pattern list is very small, on my screen making it difficult to hit the correct pattern in the simple list view.  I need to show details to choose the pattern.
  • The pattern can’t be annotated.
  • The notes can’t be accessed from the row counter view that you use while knitting.
  • Even with auto rotation turned off, menus are portrait and row counter page is landscape.

Would I use it?

I like this app.  Before downloading it I just had a folder structure on my tablet based on product category (hats & gloves, jumpers etc).  This gives me a way to filter on different attributes.  It also means I can have the pattern and counter on the same page so I’m more likely to remember to use the counter!

Adding my needle inventory will take some time so I don’t know whether I will bother.  I can see this being useful for people who like to know what they have available and what is in use.

As my yarn is in Ravelry I wouldn’t add it here.  Having access to your stash details is very useful and this is an easy way of doing it if you don’t want it on the internet.

While knitting a pattern having it in the database is very useful.  It means the counter is sitting next to the pattern , I can then add notes when I put it away.

I will be adding my current projects to it, especially the large ones that need counters.  The patterns that are in books I use camscanner to create a PDF so I can use the tablet instead of carrying a book when I go out.

Overall a useful app to have while knitting from a PDF pattern.


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