One Pattern, 2 Scarves


As soon as I saw Nymphalidea on Knitty I wanted to make one.  I found 2 skeins of sock wool, one a semisolid plum, the other a variegated deep plum.  I used the variegated for the wedges and the semisolid for the welts.  (This photo came out a lot more blue than the actual scarf.

I loved the result. It is a lovely scarf to wear and was fun to make.


After I finished I decided to make my ‘Louisa Scarf’, to go with Doc Martins using the same pattern with some modifications.

Louisa scarf

  1. I used the same size needles but Aran weight silk/cotton
  2. I made the wedges stocking stitch and used an increase that doesn’t leave a hole.
  3. I replaced the increases with decreases and decreases with increases in the second half.
  4. I swapped the side that the wedges were on by making the middle welt one row wider.


The result is a good casual scarf to go with my boots.



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