Moving beyond woven scarves

I’m starting to think about using hand woven fabric for clothing.  I have 600m of natural coloured cotton that I thought I might use for an easy summer top.  I’m also thinking about making a kimono style dressing gown for summer.  The kimono will require 4m of fabric.  The top will require just over half that amount.

A friend told me to look at Kimono patterns as Kimono fabric is 14″ wide.  As I have a 50cm loom these patterns will fit comfortably on my handwoven fabric.

The top will be made in 8ply cotton so will require 300 metres of yarn or a bit over 3 50g balls for the warp another 2 – 3 balls will be required for the weft.

The kimono I want to do in lace weight so it will be woven at 15 – 20 dpi and will therefore require up to 1500m just to complete the warp!

I have the cones below in sand, red and black so I can make it make it multicoloured.IMG_20131114_164543[1]

Once I have completed these 2 projects (which could take a while) I will consider some tailored garments made with my hand woven fabrics.


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