Taking stock – knitting projects

On the needles at the moment:

cabled strapCabled bag strap.  A made a bag to play with colours in weaving then felted it.  I’m using the leftover yarn to make a bag strap that is cabled and will be felted to match the bag and make a thick comfortable strap for it.  Unfortunately I ‘borrowed’ the needles from it to make the Memory scarf so it is waiting for its needles to be finished.


20131124_113056Memory Scarf.  A quickish mindless garter stitch cotton/stainless steel-silk scarf for summer.  The only difficult thing about this one is that using 2 strands; I have to make sure I pick up both for every stitch.  As it was a kit the 2 threads were wound together on one cone so no problem with tangled yarns.


aubergine sweater

Aubergine sweater. Body and 1 sleeve completed; 1/2 a sleeve and yoke to go. Long term readers of this blog will remember that this is a long running saga, finding a pattern to suit the yarn, false starts, using 3 200g balls to blend the colours, weight gain meant it didn’t fit, losing weight and continuing…well maybe this is the year to finish it.


wpid-20130102_112549.jpgV neck tunic.  I started this with great gusto intending it to be a quick project that I could wear this summer.  That enthusiasm drained away though so it is up to the bust and sitting in a drawer at the moment.  It will be a good top for summer so it need to get back to it.

log cabin
Log cabin blanket.  Another long term project that gets worked on occassionally.  I started this to test the technique, it is good mindless knitting, growing slowly.  I’m in no hurry to get this finished.


purple summerMatter and Void.  I’m making this in linen for summer, another thing I had hoped to have finished by this summer but next year will do.  It is about 40% done and generally comes out for a few rows when I’m waiting for something.


cable3 Button wrap.  I started this experiment a long time ago and I have really lost interest in it.  Weaving a warm winter wrap is so much quicker to do!


black diamondBlack diamond.  Another old UFO that no longer interests me.  It was also an experiment that I don’t want to finish now.


scribbleDreamtime shawl.  This is the most difficult yarn I have ever tried to work with.  This project has already been frogged 3 times due to dropped stitches that I couldn’t pick up.  I need to concentrate so I can actually make this work as it will be a lovely wrap when finished.  Maybe a small needle than the recommended one will help, the fine yarn on the large needles is definitely part of the problem.  I’ll have to try something!


So only 2 out of the work I have in progress that I no longer want.  Now to get some things finished before I find new things to start…

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