2013: I did achieve something!

Well the year is almost over, what did I get done this year?

The first thing I completed was a summer tunic that I really enjoy wearing.  I have received a number of compliments and even had people suggest I make them to sell.  I tell people to go to Dairing to get the kit when they say that.

spring 1

There were a number of scarves, knitted and woven, a couple of cowls and a couple of hats.


I worked with silk, stainless steel, linen, cotton, alpaca, wool, soy and mohair.

PhotoGrid_1388289299171[1]I also learnt to weave with 2 heddles to make a 2×1 twill.


So what will 2014 have in store? Maybe a few UFOs completed, some knitting, some weaving and some embroidery.


Ripples and twists

I wore my ‘not just a scarf’ the other day.  I love the way it can be pulled into shape so that I get folds and overlaps around my neck rather than just a straight cowl look.

It is wrapped 3 times and different bits are pulled wide at different points to get the twisted look.  It worked really well and did stay put.


2012:UFOs off the needles and in use!

This year I managed to finish five garments that were started a long time ago:

The wide collared jacket was started in April 2008 and finally finished in March this year.

The handsome triangle was started in January 2010 and finished this month.

My bamboo chevron scarf was started in January 2011 and finished in January 2012, Eno’s Drops of Port scarf, started in August 2010 was also finished in January (middle of a hot summer!)

This little hand towel was started in March 2010 and finished in August.

In addition to finishing all of these I managed a number of small things:-

  • Clapoktus scarf
  • A school hat for Monkey who started school this year
  • Toast wrist warmers
  • fingerless mitts in my own design.
  • Biggie beret
  • Tuesday night cowl
  • 198 yards of heaven
  • A mottled muffler, a quick knit scarf in 3 yarns- (avail in free patterns)

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So what does that leave on the needles?

  1. Log Cabin Blanket – this is something I pick up every so often and knit a panel.
  2. A lace scarf – edging to be completed
  3. Aubergine jumper – 1/2 a sleeve and the yoke to go.
  4. 3 button wrap – not sure whether to continue with this huge project or just weave one!
  5. Spring tunic 75% done and good summer knitting.
  6. Wurm hat
  7. cable strap for a woven then felted bag.

Wow that’s the smallest number of projects I’ve had on the needles in a long time.

New Plans for 2013:

  • A lace weight shawl – this will probably be finished some time in 2016!
  • A cardigan for work.
  • Hats

Cuddly Cowl


My third Ravellenic games project. I made this cowl to go with the mitts I made recently.  I had to spend a lot of time in the warehouse one day last week and I was glad I had it with me. It was about 9 degrees down there but the soft cables form folds around the neck and trap warm air making it warmer than I expected.

This is The Tuesday Night Cowl it was knitted flat then seamed using 2 balls of 8ply on 6mm needles.


Week 1 of the Ravellenic Games

First project down was the silk/cotton woven scarf.  This was started while watching the opening ceremony and finished 18 hour later during the cycling.

Next up my raspberry beret. This is a one skein project using wool that I purchased at Bendigo at least 5 years ago. It was started on Saturday morning as well and finished on Tuesday evening.

Number 3 is still in progress, it has been entered in the Cowl Jump and Cable Steeplechase.

Next up I’m thinking about 198 yards of Heaven, a quick lace project that will use up the balance of my Noro Cash Iroha.  That will give me an entry in the Lace Longjump and Shawl Sailing.  If I can get this finished I will end up with 8 medals for 4 projects.