A new triangular scarf

imageI had a single skein of Ella Rae Lace Merino.  This is a lovely soft 4ply yarn.  I decided to design a shawl for it.  My plan was to keep it geometric so that the spine down the middle looked like it belonged there.  I had to restart about 4 times until I had design I liked.

The final design I came up with was to have straight lines of YOs  going out from the centre of the shawl and a line of YO around the bottom to tie in with the spine that comes with the basic centre top work down design.  This is my favourite shawl construction because you can stop when you run out of yarn so you don’t have to think about yardage too carefully before you start.

The shawl ended up being 70cm deep and 140cm wide with blocking.  A good size to wear wrapped around the neck for winter and looser for the cooler days in Spring and Autumn.  Monkey says its a shawl, I say it is a scarf.  Its that size inbetween; a large scarf or a small shawl.

I’m looking at my notes at the moment to see if I have sufficient to write up the pattern.  Let me know if you would like to make one, it will give me a bit more incentive to get the pattern written!




I got the kit to make Dream Time Shawl recently and I’ve started knitting it.  The yarn is an uneven chenille, some spots have scarce fluffy bits, other parts are thick and fluffy.  I thought this was going to be a quick knit but it isn’t turning out that way.

The yarn is difficult to work with as it sticks more in some places than others.  I am using large needles for the yarn too which also adds to the difficulty as I find I’m constantly knitting into the stitch below instead of the actual stitch I was planning to knit into.  Part of the cause of this is that the yarn catches on the fluffy bits and the stitches don’t even up as they do with a smooth yarn.

To alleviate this problem I have found I need to pull down on the last row of stitches before knitting them.  This loosens the row on the needle making it easier to get the right hand needle into the right spot.

The result however is worth it.  The open garter stitch is perfect for the yarn making what looks like scribbles in the mesh.  It should be a fun piece to wear to when finished.


2012:UFOs off the needles and in use!

This year I managed to finish five garments that were started a long time ago:

The wide collared jacket was started in April 2008 and finally finished in March this year.

The handsome triangle was started in January 2010 and finished this month.

My bamboo chevron scarf was started in January 2011 and finished in January 2012, Eno’s Drops of Port scarf, started in August 2010 was also finished in January (middle of a hot summer!)

This little hand towel was started in March 2010 and finished in August.

In addition to finishing all of these I managed a number of small things:-

  • Clapoktus scarf
  • A school hat for Monkey who started school this year
  • Toast wrist warmers
  • fingerless mitts in my own design.
  • Biggie beret
  • Tuesday night cowl
  • 198 yards of heaven
  • A mottled muffler, a quick knit scarf in 3 yarns- (avail in free patterns)

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So what does that leave on the needles?

  1. Log Cabin Blanket – this is something I pick up every so often and knit a panel.
  2. A lace scarf – edging to be completed
  3. Aubergine jumper – 1/2 a sleeve and the yoke to go.
  4. 3 button wrap – not sure whether to continue with this huge project or just weave one!
  5. Spring tunic 75% done and good summer knitting.
  6. Wurm hat
  7. cable strap for a woven then felted bag.

Wow that’s the smallest number of projects I’ve had on the needles in a long time.

New Plans for 2013:

  • A lace weight shawl – this will probably be finished some time in 2016!
  • A cardigan for work.
  • Hats