2012:UFOs off the needles and in use!

This year I managed to finish five garments that were started a long time ago:

The wide collared jacket was started in April 2008 and finally finished in March this year.

The handsome triangle was started in January 2010 and finished this month.

My bamboo chevron scarf was started in January 2011 and finished in January 2012, Eno’s Drops of Port scarf, started in August 2010 was also finished in January (middle of a hot summer!)

This little hand towel was started in March 2010 and finished in August.

In addition to finishing all of these I managed a number of small things:-

  • Clapoktus scarf
  • A school hat for Monkey who started school this year
  • Toast wrist warmers
  • fingerless mitts in my own design.
  • Biggie beret
  • Tuesday night cowl
  • 198 yards of heaven
  • A mottled muffler, a quick knit scarf in 3 yarns- (avail in free patterns)

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So what does that leave on the needles?

  1. Log Cabin Blanket – this is something I pick up every so often and knit a panel.
  2. A lace scarf – edging to be completed
  3. Aubergine jumper – 1/2 a sleeve and the yoke to go.
  4. 3 button wrap – not sure whether to continue with this huge project or just weave one!
  5. Spring tunic 75% done and good summer knitting.
  6. Wurm hat
  7. cable strap for a woven then felted bag.

Wow that’s the smallest number of projects I’ve had on the needles in a long time.

New Plans for 2013:

  • A lace weight shawl – this will probably be finished some time in 2016!
  • A cardigan for work.
  • Hats

My hem doesn’t hang straight.

I made a swing jacket and every time I put it on the sides hang longer than the middle of the back.  I find this really annoying so next time I make something this shape I want to adjust the pattern so that the hem will hang reasonably straight.

Why is this happening?  Simply because the side seam is longer than the centre back and it doesn’t sit out as a triangle like it does in the pattern diagrams once you put it on.

Once you put it on the sides brush your hips so they hang longer than the front as shown in this diagram.  To get a straight hem you therefore need to add the arc coloured red.

So how do you calculate the short rows you need to add?  First you need to work out how wide it is going to sit compared to the width of the hem.  My theory is that this will be your width at the hem.

Next you need to work out where to put the short rows.  My current plan is you put them just above the hem.

The number of short rows will be determined mathematically by comparing the 2 triangles; the pattern shape and your shape and working out how deep the red section will be.  Your gauge will then determine how many rows you need.  Once you know the number of rows you can work out how many stitches to include in each short row to get a relatively straight line.



4 years in the making

ribbed collar jacketI got some nice Damson 8ply on my honeymoon in 2004.  In 2008 I started on Jo Sharp’s Wide collared vest, my plan was to add the sleeves from the wide collared cardigan as I thought the vest was a much better length for me and with something that thick and warm I thought I wouldn’t wear sleeveless.

Well I worked on it for quite a while, knitting the fronts and back in one piece until I was past the waist. I put it away for a while, then a year or so later I picked it up and knitted to the armholes, another break then I finished the body.   About 6 months ago I started on the sleeves knitting them in the round at the same time on a circular needle.

At the beginning of February I had a week of train travel so I started the collar which was more like knitting a large ribbed scarf than a collar!  I made the smallest size jacket  then made the collar wider with a looser tension to allow for my shape.

So this winter I have a new warm jacket, perfect for work and to wear with jeans.