What to do with some pale mint green 2ply

A few weeks ago I pulled a skein of Mayhem and Chaos Polwarth/silk/cashmere out of my stash and started thinking about what to do with it.  I wasn’t 100% sure about the colour (it came from a yarn club years ago).  I got onto pinterest and started looking at photos containing that colour so I could determine what I liked and what I didn’t.  My conclusion was it was a background colour and needed something bright in the foreground to set it off.

20140720_143320With this in mind I decided that whatever I made had to be plain so that it could be worn with brightly coloured scarves or jewellery.
I’m most of the way through making a top with it.   I’m using the Mohair Minimalist pattern but I’ve added bust and hip shaping so that it doesn’t pull anywhere.  This one has a lower neckline than my mohair one and my tension is 16st/10cm instead of the 14 I used last time making it a little bit less see through.  It is fitting really well and working out just as I wanted it to be.

Here are a few shots with scarves so you can see what I had in mind…

20140720_143904 20140720_144056 20140720_144159



Playing with colours

I got a skein of red sock wool at Bendigo last year from Fibreworks.  I decided to weave it with the rest of the  bright orange silk that I used for my silk scarf last December.  While I was winding the skein I was thinking about the Purl Scarf.  This is a simple, large needle, knitted scarf that is popular because of its blended colour and texture.  It is made with a thick mohair, a fine kid mohair and a wool.  The idea is to use light, bright and dark yarns to add depth of colour and choose either complementary or contrasting colours. (That’s it in the header of this blog.  That one was made with burgundy Silk Road Tweed, red Kid Silk Haze and mauve Studio Mohair)

I decided to try this in woven form.  I already had the  orange and the red so I added a dark purple as the third colour.  The result is a very rich colour combination; not surprising when using Fibreworks sock wool and the last of my Mohair/Silk blend that was dyed by Marta with the almost glowing orange.  I warped the loom in the orange silk then wove the 3 yarns together making a weft faced fabric.

The result is a soft bright scarf that has a purple haze when seen on an angle.  It is thick and warm, 28cm wide and 160cm long.


1 lace weight skein – 3 different scarves

I like combining colours and textures to get different looks.  I had a skein of lace weight alpaca/silk in a pale lavender which wasn’t quite my colour, so I mixed it with other yarns to produce the following:

1. A silk and alpaca wide woven scarf for summer.  This one combines bright pinks and purples with the pale lavender to give a fairly bright summer wrap.

2. This one is soft, fluffy, thick and warm for winter, the lavender is combined with thick undyed  mohair and bilberry kid silk haze to give a pale mottled look.

3. This is my latest.  It is combined with a dark purple stainless steel/silk to give an interesting texture with a mottled purple look to it.

I used a Fibonacci sequence for the stripes which were formed by dropping the alpaca silk for 2 rows.  As the silk/stainless steel is so fine it is almost like breaks in the scarf.  I think this will be really effective when worn with dark jumpers and jackets.


The scarf that Eno created

About 6 months ago while in the wool shop, Eno chose a ball of Kid Seta in a beautiful red, then at Bendigo he chose a skein of Mayhem and Chaos Ruby Red Soho.  Both of these skeins were sitting on his desk about a month ago.  He got an idea so he went to the wool shop and bought another ball of Kid Seta in a bright yellow/green.  He showed me his choices and asked me to make a scarf.

I told him I would do a random Fibonacci stripe sequence and his response was, “that is what I thought but I wasn’t going to tell you what to do.

So here it is,

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A plan

I just looked at my stash, I found these 2 skeins that coordinate well. I’m going to weave a silk wrap, the warp will be the pure silk as it appears to be a stronger thread with no halo, with the softer, fluffier alpaca/silk for the weft.

This should end up being a 40-45cm width wrap as I have 1000m of silk and 800m of alpaca/silk.  I used one skein of lace weight for my woven scarf for the ravellenic games and I got a good size for that so this should be a nice big wrap with twice the amount of yarn.

The take up in the cotton/silk was only 4%, hopefully this will be about the same or less with a pure silk warp.

Now to hand wind 1800m of lace weight…