A couple of days late but…

I’ve seen a number of people doing a photo project called 365, a photo a day for the year. I’ve decided to give it a go. Not sure how long it will last but if I don’t start it won’t happen at all. For the most part the photos will be from my phone camera which isn’t too bad as a camera. All photos will be posted to the photo album with a tag of 365 (link to the right). There should be 363 of them at the end of the year (I didn’t take any yesterday or new year’s day)
Here is today’s entry:

Bamboo on Bamboo

In general I will only be publishing the photos in the photo album, a link will appear in twitter or you can subscribe to the photo album if you are interested in seeing the daily photos.


New photo album

I have just set up a photo album. It can be accessed from the photo gallery at the top of this page.  It holds some of my favourite photos, I will be adding to it as I come across shots I particularly like.

There is a link at the bottom of each page to bring you back to the wenswoolgathering home page.  I hope you like it.

Wen’s photo album


I went shopping…


Morris Quartet

70% wool 30% soy protein from Morris & Sons.  My first visit to this wool shop that opened while I was in Tasmania.

Tahki Sedona Hand Dyed


90% wool, 10% silk.  It’s actually a little bit more red than the photo shows. I got this one from Clegs on Elizabeth St.  They had a few things I had never seen before.

I also got a 40cm, 6mm Harmony interchangeable for doing cowls.  Most of my cowls are knitted with 6mm needles as I like a soft drapy fabric for a cowl.  I will probably get a few more smaller sizes for knitting neck bands as I need them.

BTW the photos were taken on my phone using the macro setting.  I’m impressed with the result for phone camera….well it is an 8 megapixel Sony.