A change of climate.

I haven’t written for a while because I have moved house; well state actually.  I now live 1600km/1000miles away from where I grew up.  The climate is much warmer and more humid.  It is winter here and I am wearing a t shirt and shorts!  Even the locals are saying it has been unseasonably warm so far this year.  It may get cooler as we move into winter but nowhere near as cool at the minimum 4C, maximum 13C that I am used to for winter.

At work on friday someone commented that I had ‘got out my winter clothes’, I was wearing things that I would have worn in Spring; a dress with a long linen jacket and silk/cotton scarf.

I arrived at the start of April and so far from my hand made things I have needed:

  1. Light scarves and wraps
  2. Sleeveless tops
  3. Light cardigans

At night it cools off, so woollen wraps and jumpers work well.  It hasn’t been cool enough to need any heating in the house.  I certainly don’t need anything heavier than 8ply.

I’ve spent this weekend going through my Ravelry queue and deleting everything that will take longer to knit than the wear it will get.  I can’t see the point of spending hours making a  jumper or jacket that will be worn once  a year, especially as I already have some nice winter woollies.  I’ve also gone through my library and queued items that I will wear here that would not have got much wear previously.

So the plan for the near future is 2ply – 8ply, 3/4 length sleeve jumpers, cardigans, sleeveless tops, light scarves and shawls.  I will probably change the planned neckline on the fitted 8ply jumper I have on the needles so that it isn’t so snug around my neck.

The other big project on the needles is an 8ply tunic in a wool/cotton that was planned for summer; it will now be a great top for winter!




Moving beyond woven scarves

I’m starting to think about using hand woven fabric for clothing.  I have 600m of natural coloured cotton that I thought I might use for an easy summer top.  I’m also thinking about making a kimono style dressing gown for summer.  The kimono will require 4m of fabric.  The top will require just over half that amount.

A friend told me to look at Kimono patterns as Kimono fabric is 14″ wide.  As I have a 50cm loom these patterns will fit comfortably on my handwoven fabric.

The top will be made in 8ply cotton so will require 300 metres of yarn or a bit over 3 50g balls for the warp another 2 – 3 balls will be required for the weft.

The kimono I want to do in lace weight so it will be woven at 15 – 20 dpi and will therefore require up to 1500m just to complete the warp!

I have the cones below in sand, red and black so I can make it make it multicoloured.IMG_20131114_164543[1]

Once I have completed these 2 projects (which could take a while) I will consider some tailored garments made with my hand woven fabrics.


Hats Hats Hats

Next March I’m going to take part in The Worlds Greatest Shave, as that is Autumn I will need hats for next winter.  My queue has lots of hats in it so I’m going to work through my queue.  Up first is wurm, a fun hat made from bands of stocking stitch and reverse stocking stitch, this should be a quick knit.  I’m using Bendigo Alpaca so it should end up nice and soft and if it is too big I can felt it a bit.

After I finish wurm I’m planning on making Olive, a cloche with pleats on one side.

I’ll see what appeals after that.


The start of a wurm


A plan

I just looked at my stash, I found these 2 skeins that coordinate well. I’m going to weave a silk wrap, the warp will be the pure silk as it appears to be a stronger thread with no halo, with the softer, fluffier alpaca/silk for the weft.

This should end up being a 40-45cm width wrap as I have 1000m of silk and 800m of alpaca/silk.  I used one skein of lace weight for my woven scarf for the ravellenic games and I got a good size for that so this should be a nice big wrap with twice the amount of yarn.

The take up in the cotton/silk was only 4%, hopefully this will be about the same or less with a pure silk warp.

Now to hand wind 1800m of lace weight…


Expanding my weaving options

I got 2 new heddles for my loom on Saturday, a fine 12.5dpi and a wide 5dpi, unfortunately Ashford had run out of the 10dpi at the show so I couldn’t get the complete set.  I also got a couple of extra shuttle sticks so I can work with multiple colours in the weft.

I have a few things in mind that have been waiting for these extra bits:

  1.  A light summer scarf, I have some blue 2ply cotton/silk from Mayhem & Chaos that I will use for this.
  2. A pure silk wrap. As the pure silk I have is all 1ply or 2ply a fine heddle is required.
  3.  Some geometric designs using multiple colours; lots of triangles and stripes that I couldn’t try without getting more shuttles.
  4.  A loosely woven, drapy wool shawl using 8 ply.  This will require the 5dpi heddle.