3 way neck warmer

This was a quick knit to use up some novelty yarn  and some 8 ply mohair.

Needles: 8mm.

Yarns: 8ply mohair held double.  (I used Cleckheaton Studio Mohair)

Novelty yarn held single (I used Anny Blatt Trianon)

Size: 12.5cm wide x 60cm long (5″ x 24″)


Alternate 2 rows of yarn 1 and 2 rows of yarn 2 throughout.

Section 1 (increases)

Cast on 3 stitches

K1 YO K1 YO K1


K1 YO K3 YO K1


K1 YO knt to last stitch YO k1


Continue last 2 rows until you have 23 stitches.

Section 2 (straight section)

K1 YO  knit to last 4 stitches k2tog YO k2tog


Section 3 (decreases)

SSK YO SSK knit to last 4 stitches k2tog YO k2 tog


continue until 3 stitches remain

cast off.

Sew ends in.

Sew buttons on to the corners of one end and a third button 12.5cm (5″) from the same end on one side.

ends buttoned as a loose cowl

end over end as neckwarmer

buttoned as a cowl top on the 2nd button

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