lace cowl

Yarn:  4ply sock wool approx 40 – 50g.

Needles: 3.25mm circular needle.

Tension 26st/10cm in lace pattern.

Cast on 132 stitches and join being careful not to twist stitches.
Round 1 and all odd numbered rounds: knit
Round 2: (k2tog k3 yo k2 yo k3 SSK) repeat 11 times
Round 4: (k2tog k2 yo k4 yo k2 SSK) repeat 11 times
Round 6: (k2tog k1 yo k6 yo k1 SSK) repeat 11 times Repeat rows 1 to 6 until cowl is desired height (20 – 25cm)
Cast off. Block to required size.


27 thoughts on “lace cowl

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  2. How can I print pattern and not the rest of the page or pages…I end up with 7-8 pages. Am I missing something to do??? Thank you

  3. Hi Wen,
    Just down loaded your pattern for lace cowl. Do you remember the name brand of the yarn that you used to knit this with? You just put 4ply sock wool – would this be like Regia yarn or not quite that fine?? I wish all yarn companies would use the 1 -6 system for thickness of yarn!
    Hope to hear back from you, as I’m ready to get started on this!

    • The 1-6 system is the US system. Here we use the 1ply – 14ply system so each category is much more defined.

      4ply is the equivalent of your fingering weight. You want a wool that knits at around 28st/10cm in stocking stitch.

  4. This is the perfect pattern for a beautiful hand dyed, pink, green and off white skein. This is just what I wanted! Thanks!

  5. This looks very similar to Mirasol Chirapa, a delightful yarn I have used to knit socks before. It is springy, and ends up with a little bit of sheen.

    I am knitting it right now with Queensland bamboo cotton. It is a slightly different weight than what is suggested, but it is ending up beautiful. This is a very versatile pattern!

  6. Could this be done on DPNs? I don’t own any circular needles yet and they’re not sold in my neck of the woods…. I live in the Caribbean.

      • Ok… I’m a newbie, but this looks like a fun pattern to try, so I’ll start today. I spy circular needles in my future though… looks like it would be easier.

  7. If you need circular needles you can get a full set of them cheaply on eBay from china for about 10$ with free shipping I have bought several of them.

  8. Hi, I’m looking forward to knitting this beautiful lace cowl. Thanks for posting it. I’m a bit of a newbie so I understand that 3.25 mm is a US size 3 needle. What size wire did you work it on so that you could work it in the round? Thanks

    • If you mean a pair of straight needles by regular, yes you can, you would have to seam it and add an extra stitch at each end for the seam.

      The first row will be the wrong side. For all odd rows purl.

  9. Wen, thank you for this pattern – I have a lovely yarn as a present this Christmas and being a bit of a novice, was searching for something that looks as though I can have a go at it – and this is it !!
    Helen, UK

  10. Just found your site after looking everywhere for a pattern I knitted several years ago–it’s a faux mobius with a travelling or spiral eyelet pattern. Yours looks lovely and will give it a try this evening. However, I would like to know what the width is as I like to make them long so as to wrap them around my head while leaving the other portion around my neck.
    Thanks for the lovely pattern,

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