Motorbike muffler

This cowl was designed specifically to wear with a motorbike jacket and stop the draughts that get between the top of the jacket and base of the helmet.  To ensure there is no gap the base of the cowl has increases along the raglan lines so that it fits flat under the jacket.  Short rows at the front ensure that the front is lower than the back.

It is designed to be knitted at a looser tension than normally recommended for DK/8ply so that there is some drape to the fabric.

Yarn: 1 ball of Freedom spirit DK (8ply) (50g/120m) or any soft 8ply/DK
Needles: 6mm circular
4 stitch markers

Tension 16st/10cm (this pattern has been designed to be knitted at a looser tension than recommended for this wool)
Size 47cm diameter on neck. (Note: this has been designed smaller than I would normally to give a close fit)

pm= place marker
tbl = through back of loop
w&t= wrap and turn


cast on 75 stitches on a 6mm needle join into round and place marker for start of round.
knit 3 rounds
purl 1 round
knit to desired height (from tip of nose to base of neck)
next row: knit 15 pm, knit 22, pm knit 15 pm knit 23.
knit 28 stitches
Start short row shaping:
purl 4 w&t
knit 6 w&t
purl 8 w&t
continue in this manner until you have reached the markers for the front of cowl (knit 22 )
knit the rest of the row.
Start raglan increases
Row 1 K1 YO (knit to 1 stitch before next marker YO k2 YO) repeat 3 times, knit to last stitch of the round YO K1.
Row 2 K1 K1tbl (knit to 2 stitches before next marker K1tbl K2 K1tbl) repeat 3 times, knit to 2 stitches before end of round, K1tbl K1.
stitches knitted through the back of loop are the YOs in the previous row
Repeat rows 1 & 2 5 times
Purl 1 row
Cast off row: K1 place stitch back on left needle, K2tog, place stitch back on left needle. Continue until all stitches cast off, fasten off last stitch.
Sew in ends.


4 thoughts on “Motorbike muffler

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    • As written no it would not be long enough. If you want it to go over your head you would need to make it considerably longer and possibly increase the circumference a bit.

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