Quick and Easy Shawly scarfy thing

This makes a very large wide scarf  large enough to be worn like a shawl and is good for beginners if they can handle big needles.

Yarn: 200g of Chunky/bulky weight Mohair.  Colinette, Te Awa, Naturally Mohair would all be appropriate.  Kid mohair would be too fine for this pattern.   The pictures were knitted with Kingfisher NZ mohair which is no longer available.

Needles: 15mm


Cut 240 pieces that are double the length that you want your fringe to be. I would recommend 30cm strands.

Cast on 40 stitches.

Knit all rows until you have used all the mohair leaving enough to cast off or you have reached your desired length.

Cast off.

Using a crochet hook take 3 of the fringe strands double them over and hook through each stitch in the cast on and cast off rows.

3 thoughts on “Quick and Easy Shawly scarfy thing

  1. Hi saw this on Ravelry and as I got some mohair for my birthday, i thought id try it. I have started it and its working up fast! Going to be a nice cosy wrap for the winter, thanks!

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