Summer lace stole

This shawl was designed to have matching ends by starting at the ends and joining the 2 pieces after blocking.  Blocking first helps to ensure that the seam is no tighter than the knitting and therefore does not pull the stole out of shape in the middle.

Note: this shawl was knitted 5 years ago, I have not tested this pattern so please advise me of any problems you have.  The pattern was written from the finished garment so it should match.

Yarn:  Cotton or Linen 5ply/sportweight approx 600 – 700m

Needles: 5mm

Before blocking -72′ x18″/180cm x 45cm
After blocking – 80″ x 18″/200cm x 45cm

Tension: After blocking 19st and 20 rows to 10cm/4

Stitch detail

Lace pattern: (multiple of 11 stitches +4)

Row 1: k2 (SSK, k3 yo k1 yo k3 k2tog) 10 times k2
Row 2: k2 purl to last 2 stitches k2.

Stole halves (make 2):

Cast on 114 stitches
Knit 2 rows

3 needle cast off.

Start lace pattern.
Row 1: k2 (SSK, k3 yo k1 yo k3 k2tog) 10 times k2
Row 2: k2 purl to last 2 stitches k2.

Continue in lace pattern until piece measures approx 3’/90cm

Leave stitches on a piece of scrap yarn.

Block both pieces to desired size.
When completely dry join the 2 pieces by grafting or using a 3 needle cast off.

6 thoughts on “Summer lace stole

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    • That’s the problem with writing the pattern so long after making the wrap! Thanks for pointing it out.

      So to get the finish in the detail pattern on the right row 1 would be k2 (k2tog, k3 yo k1 yo k3 SSK) 10 times k2

      Use which ever you prefer, just be consistent throughout!

  2. I am just starting to knit this pattern, it is so beautiful. I’m making it out of “comfy sport”, so soft and washable. I wanted something I can easily carry along for cool mornings or evenings. I can’t wait to get it finished. Thank you for sharing this pattern, I’ve made lots of shawls, I think this will be my favorite. ( I made the changes mentioned above and it works ou well.

  3. I know it’s been a couple of years since you posted this, but I have been looking for a pattern like this for a long time and am thrilled that I found this! I already have the yarn and I am going to start it tonight! Thank you for sharing!

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