Two colour cowl

Yarn: Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed (Posie and Twig)

Tension 16 stitches and 31 rows to 10cm after blocking.

Stitch pattern: K1 yfwd slip 1 yb.

Cast on 81 stitches

Join into round taking care not to twist stitches, place marker for end of row.

Follow stitch pattern above for all rounds, odd rounds start with k1, even rounds start with slip 1.

Colour sequence.

3 rows Posie
2rows Twig
5 rows Posie
8 rows Twig
1 row Posie
2 rows Twig
1 rows Posie
1 row Twig
5 rows Posie
1 row Twig
2 rows Posie
1 row Twig
1 row Posie
5 rows Twig
2 rows Posie
1 row Twig
5 rows Posie

One thought on “Two colour cowl

  1. Great pattern! When I first saw it, I was sure it was woven! Love your colour choice.
    I am currently being challenged by knitting with cotton. Why can I get gauge on the swatch, but when I start knitting it seems to grow! After frogging the top three times, I have now decided to knit two sizes smaller – wish me luck. It is a Rowan Cotton, so it should behave much better than it has so far!!
    I can certainly see why many yarn companies combine different yarns – hopefully you get the best of each yarn and that covers the negatives of each yarn – is that how it is supposed ro work?!

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