How does it wear? Debbie Bliss Pure Silk

Garment: Cap sleeved top

At time of  completion

Fibre: Silk

Date completed: May 2009

Tension: knitted at the recommended tension

Stitch: Stocking stitch with cable and lace panel

Washing: Handwashed, rolled in towels and dried flat.

Worn: Constantly


This top is worn a lot.  It is still looking great with minimal pilling only in areas that get rubbed a bit.  The pills are easily removed when washed. The size hasn’t changed since the first wash so it has held it’s shape really well.  I just measured it and got the following:
hip – 38”
waist – 32”
bust – 36”

My ravelry entry that was written on completion and blocking says the following:

After washing and laying out to dry:

Circumference at
hip – 38”
waist – 32”
bust – 36”

You can’t fault that!  The photo below doesn’t look like an almost 4 year old top does it?  The colour difference is because the old photo is under artificial light and the new photo is in daylight.



Projects in waiting

I have a number or projects planned at the moment for all the beautiful wool in my stash.  My current thinking ( I reserve the right to do something completely different is:

To turn into this mobieus wrap

to turn  into the lace capelet (thanks to those who voted), I will make A little something in black KSH.

to turn into   the Tweedy V neck jacket from Fitted knits

and on and on it goes.  The difficult thing about having all these plans is what to do next and how to keep the number of WIPS to a reasonable number.  Too many plans and not enough time.

I’m trying to finish a few WIPs before starting anything new.  In March I completed one old wip, my mohair bolero and started and finished 2 small cowls, one for Monkey and one for Eno.  I have to stop getting myself distracted with little things and get to the garments I want to make.

I’m going really well with my wave wrap, 80% done, and my cap sleeved top, almost to the neck shaping on the front, up to the same point on the back.  I want to finish these 2 things before I start anything  else. This will bring the count down to 12.  The other thing I want to do is not have 2 of the same sort of thing on the go at the same time.  This means not starting the lace capelet until I have finished my sheer capelet, not starting the V neck jacket until I finish the wide collar jacket etc.  (If you want to see progress on all these WIPs there are links on the right)

Maybe this will help kerb my desire to constantly start things and end up with no needles in my knitting box.  Only one of each type of thing; to start something new it must be different.  I just hope I can keep to it.


Another week gone

This week has been a starting week. No finishing, just finding things I just have to have….

New project 1. As I mentioned earlier in the week I had an urge to cast on last weekend. On saturday I flipped through Victorian Lace Today to find a project. I decided to start the Shoulder Shawl in Syrian pattern.

A search through the stash and I decided on some 4ply Cleckheaton 100% bamboo.

New Project 2: Sunday night I had to fly to Hobart (again). After struggling to find my black phone in my black bag I noticed a woman who had her ipod in a machine knitted ipod sock. I realised that would solve my problem so I have also started a little phone sock using a new technique I believe is called double knitting. On every row you knit (or purl) one stitch then slip the next. This enables you to knit a pocket without using 4 needles. I don’t have a photo yet but it won’t be long until it is finished.

New Project 3: The weather here in Victorian is unbearably hot this week (44c/111F yesterday) so I was looking for patterns on Ravelry rather than knitting this morning until I came across the Tantric Puzzle top. I had to start this summer pattern straight away as it is an interesting construction and a simple quick knit that would suit most body shapes. Back to the stash for some Bendigo Harmony in a beautiful pale wisteria that I have had for about 6 years. This yarn is now discontinued but it was 30% wool, 70% cotton with a tiny bit of lycra.

I also managed a few inches of my Silk Cap sleeved top this week, I love knitting with silk but being cream I don’t want to pick it up with the kids around or when my hands are likely to get sweaty.

I should have progress photos available next week to share.


Silky bliss

For Christmas 2007 Rusty and Monster went to one of my local wool shops and bought me 7 skeins of Pure Silk by Debbie Bliss and the pattern book to go with it. I chose the pattern immediately and knitted up the first ball. I had a lot of things on the go so I put it away as it would be for ‘next summer’. Well next summer is here and it is not finished. (Mainly because it was in a box of WIPs in Melbourne and I was in Hobart most of the year). I have finally picked it up again and started knitting.
This yarn is heaven to knit with. It is smooth and well, silky, it glides beautifully through my fingers and along my Options needles. So what is the problem?
I picked up some bamboo knitting I am also doing; it feels coarse through my hands. This yarn has ruined cheap and cheerful yarns for me. Even my mohair wool scarf with Touch Mohair, Anny Blatt Fine Kid and handspun wool/mohair doesn’t have that same soft squishy quality anymore.
Is this a new addiction? Will I ever be able to go back to yarns I can afford? How will my budget cope? Did the boys realise how much they were spoiling me?
Of course being silk it will grow when washed the first time and some of the sheen will come off it; that is the nature of silk. Maybe I won’t love it so much then…