2013: I did achieve something!

Well the year is almost over, what did I get done this year?

The first thing I completed was a summer tunic that I really enjoy wearing.  I have received a number of compliments and even had people suggest I make them to sell.  I tell people to go to Dairing to get the kit when they say that.

spring 1

There were a number of scarves, knitted and woven, a couple of cowls and a couple of hats.


I worked with silk, stainless steel, linen, cotton, alpaca, wool, soy and mohair.

PhotoGrid_1388289299171[1]I also learnt to weave with 2 heddles to make a 2×1 twill.


So what will 2014 have in store? Maybe a few UFOs completed, some knitting, some weaving and some embroidery.


Black & white

I’ve finished 2 shawls for myself recently.

The first one is a black woven shawl. I doubled the warp but not the weft and used a slubby cotton rayon. This took me a few days to make.



At the other end of the scale is A Handsome Triangle from Victorian Lace Today  that I started on new years day 2010. Yes, it took nearly 3 years to finish it.  This pattern has patterning in every row. I found the only way I could keep track of where I was up to was to knit back instead of purling so that I always had the right side facing.  It was worth it, I love the final result. This was knitted in 4ply bamboo.

Ravelry link.




Its been a while…

I haven’t written a post since October so here is a bit of an update. First up I got out my bamboo shawl that has been on the needles for 2 years now. I managed a fair bit of it during a week of train travel a few weeks ago.


Also on the needles is a Dairing tunic. I’ve finished the first piece and blocked it and I’m now onto the second piece.


On the weaving front I made a scarf for a friend for her birthday. She loved it and was thrilled to get a hand made gift.


I also made a woven bag. I used a clasped warp method to add the yellow on one side. I’m now knitting a cabled strap to go on it.



My latest project is another summer wrap. I have been wearing cotton and linen scarves on hot days and they have been really good so more variety is needed. This one is black.


Winter has arrived

Its the season for scarves, mitts and hats.

I currently have 2 berets, some beanies and 2 felt hats, I think I need some more as the colours I have are not right to wear with a lot of my clothes.  I need some different ones.  Maybe a rasperberry beret to match my new raspberry wrist warmers?  

I made these recently with the raspberry I used in my woven wrap. I like colour co-ordination.  I have enough left for a matching beret.  They go really well with my plum jacket ( the other yarn I used in my woven wrap).

Also on the needles are another pair of mitts using the leftovers of my saxon cable shawl so I will be able to wear those ones with reds unlike the raspberry ones.

On the loom is an offwhite scarf using multiple textures to add a bit of interest.

It doesn’t show up particularly well in photos but it is mohair on one side and a 2ply wool/alpaca blend on the other with a random zigzag where the fibres change over.  You can see the smooth yarn in the bottom left hand corner.

With the weaving I have been doing this year I have a good variety of scarves to choose from.

Now to get some more mitts and hats…