A new triangular scarf

imageI had a single skein of Ella Rae Lace Merino.  This is a lovely soft 4ply yarn.  I decided to design a shawl for it.  My plan was to keep it geometric so that the spine down the middle looked like it belonged there.  I had to restart about 4 times until I had design I liked.

The final design I came up with was to have straight lines of YOs  going out from the centre of the shawl and a line of YO around the bottom to tie in with the spine that comes with the basic centre top work down design.  This is my favourite shawl construction because you can stop when you run out of yarn so you don’t have to think about yardage too carefully before you start.

The shawl ended up being 70cm deep and 140cm wide with blocking.  A good size to wear wrapped around the neck for winter and looser for the cooler days in Spring and Autumn.  Monkey says its a shawl, I say it is a scarf.  Its that size inbetween; a large scarf or a small shawl.

I’m looking at my notes at the moment to see if I have sufficient to write up the pattern.  Let me know if you would like to make one, it will give me a bit more incentive to get the pattern written!



198 yds of heaven

I’ve been wanting to make this for nearly 2 years, I just hadn’t got around to it.  The ravellenic games gave me the opportunity as I had 5 days to make something and I wanted to do a lace project to get a different medal. I finished it with a day to go.  The Lace Long jump medal ceremony hasn’t happened yet.

I ended up with 3g left over from my 2 skeins of Noro cash iroha so I was really happy with that.


When it came off the needles it looked tiny and measured 36cm deep and 72cm across the top.  This was fixed by blocking with a final size of 54 x 108cm.


The final product is soft and warm.  A good quick knit!



From Garter stitch to lace…

Recently I have only wanted to knit simple things, garter stitch, stocking stitch, moss stitch was the most adventurous knitting I was doing.

This week I picked up my scarf I was making from Victorian Lace Today and finished it.  I immediately started the shoulder shawl in a Cherry Leaf pattern.  The simple knits have lost their appeal for the moment; give me something with a pattern in it.

Here is the finished scarf:

It has lace ends that are knitted sideways and the centre is a simple dropstitch pattern.

Here is the new WIP:

The pattern was for 4ply on a 4.5mm needle.  I decided to use 8ply on a 5mm to give a more substantial, winter weight shawl.

The colour is actually red.  It looks a bit pink in the photo.