Playing with colours

I got a skein of red sock wool at Bendigo last year from Fibreworks.  I decided to weave it with the rest of the  bright orange silk that I used for my silk scarf last December.  While I was winding the skein I was thinking about the Purl Scarf.  This is a simple, large needle, knitted scarf that is popular because of its blended colour and texture.  It is made with a thick mohair, a fine kid mohair and a wool.  The idea is to use light, bright and dark yarns to add depth of colour and choose either complementary or contrasting colours. (That’s it in the header of this blog.  That one was made with burgundy Silk Road Tweed, red Kid Silk Haze and mauve Studio Mohair)

I decided to try this in woven form.  I already had the  orange and the red so I added a dark purple as the third colour.  The result is a very rich colour combination; not surprising when using Fibreworks sock wool and the last of my Mohair/Silk blend that was dyed by Marta with the almost glowing orange.  I warped the loom in the orange silk then wove the 3 yarns together making a weft faced fabric.

The result is a soft bright scarf that has a purple haze when seen on an angle.  It is thick and warm, 28cm wide and 160cm long.


A simple scarf in 3 yarns

I had some left over lace weight and a skein of natural mohair.  I had Kid Silk Haze and Mayhem & chaos Angel, these 2 lace weights were different intensities of the same colour so  I knitted a simple reversible scarf holding them together with a 12ply natural mohair.   This gave a nice mottled result:

I wrote up the pattern. It is a quick knit on 8mm needles with 4 rows in the pattern.  You can find it here.


A simple weave to show off the colours

When I was away last week we stopped at Uralla Wool room when Eno noticed it and picked up some hand dyed mohair.  Then he suggested we drop in at EGMTK.  We got a skein of super sock to go with it (amongst other things).  The colours were picked by Eno.

I wove it into a 200cm x 32cm wrap yesterday.  I love the result, it is a solid fabric that will be great for winter.  The size is big enough to wear as a wrap but it is also narrow enough to also wear as a scarf.

I tried a twisted fringe for the first time with this one.  It took a bit of work to get it right initially but it is actually quite simple.  Split the threads for each one into 2 groups and twist each one tight in the same direction, then twist them together in the other direction.  Knot and trim.

This is a hard colour to get accurate; the picture below is the closest to the real colour.