Moving beyond woven scarves

I’m starting to think about using hand woven fabric for clothing.  I have 600m of natural coloured cotton that I thought I might use for an easy summer top.  I’m also thinking about making a kimono style dressing gown for summer.  The kimono will require 4m of fabric.  The top will require just over half that amount.

A friend told me to look at Kimono patterns as Kimono fabric is 14″ wide.  As I have a 50cm loom these patterns will fit comfortably on my handwoven fabric.

The top will be made in 8ply cotton so will require 300 metres of yarn or a bit over 3 50g balls for the warp another 2 – 3 balls will be required for the weft.

The kimono I want to do in lace weight so it will be woven at 15 – 20 dpi and will therefore require up to 1500m just to complete the warp!

I have the cones below in sand, red and black so I can make it make it multicoloured.IMG_20131114_164543[1]

Once I have completed these 2 projects (which could take a while) I will consider some tailored garments made with my hand woven fabrics.


Expanding my weaving options

I got 2 new heddles for my loom on Saturday, a fine 12.5dpi and a wide 5dpi, unfortunately Ashford had run out of the 10dpi at the show so I couldn’t get the complete set.  I also got a couple of extra shuttle sticks so I can work with multiple colours in the weft.

I have a few things in mind that have been waiting for these extra bits:

  1.  A light summer scarf, I have some blue 2ply cotton/silk from Mayhem & Chaos that I will use for this.
  2. A pure silk wrap. As the pure silk I have is all 1ply or 2ply a fine heddle is required.
  3.  Some geometric designs using multiple colours; lots of triangles and stripes that I couldn’t try without getting more shuttles.
  4.  A loosely woven, drapy wool shawl using 8 ply.  This will require the 5dpi heddle.

Plans for winter knitting

Now that the weather has cooled off it is time to plan my winter knits. I have a few things I want to be able to wear this winter:

  1. Wide collared jacket. I’m half way up the body on this, still need to knit the sleeves (I really hate sleeves) and the collar (miles of rib).
  2. I need a new jumper. I will have to get going on the aubergine sweater that has so far had 3 false starts.
  3. I must finish my cap sleeved top as that will be great with suits, an all year round knit really – almost finished so priority 1.
  4. I need to get back to my fluted ribs capelet too, that one is 50% done and being shaped with short rows so an interesting and relatively quick knit.
  5. I have some Rowanspun chunky that I want to use to make the A line jacket from Runway Knits , that should be a relatively quick knit on 9mm needles.
  6. I also need a pair of black wristwarmers, sometimes red or cream just don’t work.
  7. And lastly the other funky slipper.

So that gives me something almost finished, 2 things on 4 – 4.5mm needles and a couple of quick knits. I also have the the garter stitch wrap and a number of scarves to work on when I want something different. The summer knitting can take a back seat for a while. I won’t need a fine lace shawl or a lace weight capelet for a while now.

Currently OTN: (more details in the links to the right)

Summer things:
Cap sleeved top, this has a lace and cable panel front and back and I’m knitting it in the round. 90%
Sheer poncho – a good lace weight summer cover up that is simple stocking stitch. 50%
Shawl in Syrian pattern – a simple lace in 4ply bamboo 25%
Tantric puzzle – 2 textured rectangles of cotton/wool blend sewn together to make a top. 25%

Winter things:
Wide collared jacket – a heavy winter jacket with a wide ribbed collar, this one is slightly flaired at the bottom and quite long. 20%
Fluted ribs – a capelet knitted sideways using short rows for shaping. 50%
Garter stitch wrap – 4 large garter stitch triangles sewn together to make a wrap that drapes beautifully. 20%
Funky slippers – simple rectangles cinched at the front seamed across the top and seamed at the back. 50%

Entrelac scarf – I’m using self striping wool so each square ends up different to the previous one; fun to knit and watch the colours develop. Knitting the purl rows backward on this one so I don’t have to turn the work every 8 stitches 50%
Lace scarf – Simple lace pattern, pretty variegated 5ply. (my waiting project that lives in my car)
Reversible cable scarf – reversible cables on a textured background 10%
Victorian ruby scarf –
lace scarf in 4ply wool 40%
Ribbed mohair scarf
– mottled green mohair on big needles 10%

Log Cabin – modular knitting with strips in different colours knitted on to the edges of what has been done.