2013: I did achieve something!

Well the year is almost over, what did I get done this year?

The first thing I completed was a summer tunic that I really enjoy wearing.  I have received a number of compliments and even had people suggest I make them to sell.  I tell people to go to Dairing to get the kit when they say that.

spring 1

There were a number of scarves, knitted and woven, a couple of cowls and a couple of hats.


I worked with silk, stainless steel, linen, cotton, alpaca, wool, soy and mohair.

PhotoGrid_1388289299171[1]I also learnt to weave with 2 heddles to make a 2×1 twill.


So what will 2014 have in store? Maybe a few UFOs completed, some knitting, some weaving and some embroidery.


Playing with the second heddle kit.

I’ve put on the second heddle kit and had a play to see how it works for 3 shaft patterns.

To warp it for this purpose you need 3 ends through each slot.  As I used direct warping I put 2 through one, then 4 through the next.  After threading the first heddle I then had 2 through each slot and one through each eye.

I put on the second heddle and then took the one through the eye of the back heddle through the slot to the right, the two through the back slot were then split, one through the slot directly in front and one through the eye of the front heddle. It is important not to have any ends crossing between the heddles.

Once warped I had a play to determine how it all worked:

Back up – front neutral the end through the eye in the back heddle is up, the other 2 are down.

Front up – back neutral the end through the eye in the front heddle is up, the other 2 are down.


Both down, the end through both slots is up, the other 2 are down.


Alternating those 3 positions produces the following:

side facing when weaving

side facing when weaving

opposite side

opposite side

Now to have a play with mixing up the order to see what happens.