The Lovely Lookbook – stripes

Since I’ve moved to Queensland I’ve had to get a heap of new clothes and work out how to dress for warm humid weather.  As a result I’ve been checking out fashion blogs to work out what I like and what will work.  I’m happy to say there a number out there that aren’t about rules, they are about dressing in a way that makes you feel good and comfortable.

Caitlin at Greater than Rubies together with Sarah at Tucker Up run The Lovely Lookbook.  They set a theme and invite bloggers and people on instagram to take a photo of an outfit that fits their theme and share the look with others by linking to their websites or adding #thelovelylookbook to their instagram posts.

stripesSo here is my stripes photo.  The shirt is linen from Target, the skirt is from Jigsaw and the shoes are Reebok.  The scarf (as you probably worked out) is one I wove myself.

The lookbook runs from the 1st to the 14th each month. I will try to put in a post each month that includes at least one item that I made myself, after all hand crafted clothes and accessories are my thing!


Noro appears to be designed for weaving

20131107_114857I love how Noro colours come through when woven, a lot more than I like it knitted.

I made this scarf yesterday from 2 balls of Noro Sekku which is a lace weight cotton blend.  The colours blend in weaving so the stripes are not as defined as they are when Noro yarns are knitted.  The result is lovely and much quicker and easier to do as well.

I have another 2 balls in a much darker colourway that I will also weave.  I hope the dark colours come out as well as the light ones did.



Lace weight silk – another woven wrap

drink drank drunkI finished this wrap in August, the yarn is Silken from Mayhem and Chaos in Drink Drank Drunk.  I love this yarn it is a richly dyed purple and drapes perfectly when woven using a 12.5 dpi heddle.

It was a pleasure to weave, not sticky or slippery so the weave is fairly even.  I hem stitched this scarf for the first time so it has a fringe not tassles.  It takes some time but is definitely worth it.

on the loom

on the loom


Playing with colours

I got a skein of red sock wool at Bendigo last year from Fibreworks.  I decided to weave it with the rest of the  bright orange silk that I used for my silk scarf last December.  While I was winding the skein I was thinking about the Purl Scarf.  This is a simple, large needle, knitted scarf that is popular because of its blended colour and texture.  It is made with a thick mohair, a fine kid mohair and a wool.  The idea is to use light, bright and dark yarns to add depth of colour and choose either complementary or contrasting colours. (That’s it in the header of this blog.  That one was made with burgundy Silk Road Tweed, red Kid Silk Haze and mauve Studio Mohair)

I decided to try this in woven form.  I already had the  orange and the red so I added a dark purple as the third colour.  The result is a very rich colour combination; not surprising when using Fibreworks sock wool and the last of my Mohair/Silk blend that was dyed by Marta with the almost glowing orange.  I warped the loom in the orange silk then wove the 3 yarns together making a weft faced fabric.

The result is a soft bright scarf that has a purple haze when seen on an angle.  It is thick and warm, 28cm wide and 160cm long.


Storm scarf

I finished this scarf on friday night during one of the biggest storms we have had in a while;  so appropriate for a thick winter scarf in shades of grey.

The warp is Cleckheaton Country.  This 8ply wool makes a really easy warp to work with.  I used a 5dpi heddle so that it would be weft faced.  The Weft is Lincraft Prism Bamboo which is a 12ply self striping wool/bamboo blend.

The result is a subtly striped grey scarf that should go well with all my coloured jumpers.