Flecks of colour

This scarf was designed to use some recycled sari silk that I had bought and hadn’t found a good use for.

It is knitted lengthwise with each end of the row becoming the fringe.  The pattern is suitable for a beginner who can cast on, knit and cast off.

The main colour is chosen to blend with the dominant colour in the sari silk so that the bright colours in the silk stand out in one base colour.

1 skein of recyled sari silk

2 balls of Rare yarns Essentials Brushed in the main colour of the sari silk.  Any other fluffy chunky yarn will work well.

Tension: 12st/10cm in garter stitch

Needle: 7mm, extra long circular

Cast on 216 stitches leaving a tail of around 15cm.

Cut the yarn leaving a 15cm tail for the fringe.

Knit each row leaving tails either end until the scarf is 12cm wide.

When the scarf is the required width cast off loosely ensuring you leave tails for the fringe.

Colour sequence:

Knit 1, 2, 3 or 5 rows of the alpaca followed by 1 row of the silk, mix it up to get random stripes of the silk.

The main colour blends in leaving small flecks of colour in the scarf


Take the first 2 ends and tie them, then repeat across the scarf.

Trim the tails to an even fringe of your desired length.

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