What to do with some pale mint green 2ply

A few weeks ago I pulled a skein of Mayhem and Chaos Polwarth/silk/cashmere out of my stash and started thinking about what to do with it.  I wasn’t 100% sure about the colour (it came from a yarn club years ago).  I got onto pinterest and started looking at photos containing that colour so I could determine what I liked and what I didn’t.  My conclusion was it was a background colour and needed something bright in the foreground to set it off.

20140720_143320With this in mind I decided that whatever I made had to be plain so that it could be worn with brightly coloured scarves or jewellery.
I’m most of the way through making a top with it.   I’m using the Mohair Minimalist pattern but I’ve added bust and hip shaping so that it doesn’t pull anywhere.  This one has a lower neckline than my mohair one and my tension is 16st/10cm instead of the 14 I used last time making it a little bit less see through.  It is fitting really well and working out just as I wanted it to be.

Here are a few shots with scarves so you can see what I had in mind…

20140720_143904 20140720_144056 20140720_144159



A change of climate.

I haven’t written for a while because I have moved house; well state actually.  I now live 1600km/1000miles away from where I grew up.  The climate is much warmer and more humid.  It is winter here and I am wearing a t shirt and shorts!  Even the locals are saying it has been unseasonably warm so far this year.  It may get cooler as we move into winter but nowhere near as cool at the minimum 4C, maximum 13C that I am used to for winter.

At work on friday someone commented that I had ‘got out my winter clothes’, I was wearing things that I would have worn in Spring; a dress with a long linen jacket and silk/cotton scarf.

I arrived at the start of April and so far from my hand made things I have needed:

  1. Light scarves and wraps
  2. Sleeveless tops
  3. Light cardigans

At night it cools off, so woollen wraps and jumpers work well.  It hasn’t been cool enough to need any heating in the house.  I certainly don’t need anything heavier than 8ply.

I’ve spent this weekend going through my Ravelry queue and deleting everything that will take longer to knit than the wear it will get.  I can’t see the point of spending hours making a  jumper or jacket that will be worn once  a year, especially as I already have some nice winter woollies.  I’ve also gone through my library and queued items that I will wear here that would not have got much wear previously.

So the plan for the near future is 2ply – 8ply, 3/4 length sleeve jumpers, cardigans, sleeveless tops, light scarves and shawls.  I will probably change the planned neckline on the fitted 8ply jumper I have on the needles so that it isn’t so snug around my neck.

The other big project on the needles is an 8ply tunic in a wool/cotton that was planned for summer; it will now be a great top for winter!